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Press Release | 114th Congress
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Peterson Statement at Hearing on Agriculture and National Security

July 7, 2016

      Opening Statement by Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson
Agriculture and National Security: On-the-Ground Experiences of Former Military Leaders

--As Prepared for Delivery--

“Thank you Mr. Chairman.

“Food insecurity around the world has an impact on national security, which is why today’s hearing is important. I don’t think a lot of people understand the important role agriculture can play when it comes to our country’s national security interests – a strong agriculture sector and stable food supply are critical to national security.

“In my view, increasing our focus on economic development, particularly in agriculture, could provide some stability to some of the world’s volatile regions. Agriculture is the primary driver of economic activity in most rural areas and the work and investments we make in food security will pay dividends both worldwide and here at home.

“Our witnesses today have first-hand experience on these issues. They have served our country by helping to establish agricultural education programs, building infrastructure and expanding agriculture services in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. Thank you for your service. I look forward to your testimony.

“Again, Mr. Chairman, thank you for holding today’s hearing. I yield back.”