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Press Release | 114th Congress
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Peterson Statement at Hearing to Evaluate SNAP Error Rates and Anti-Fraud Measures

July 6, 2016

Opening Statement by Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson

Past, Present and Future of SNAP: Evaluating Error Rates and Anti-Fraud Measures to Enhance Program Integrity

--As Prepared for Delivery--

“Thank you Mr. Chairman. And thank you to today’s witnesses for joining the Ag Committee’s ongoing, and very thorough, review of SNAP.

“States have a lot of flexibility when it comes to administering SNAP and it’s important that, especially as we continue our review and look ahead to possible policy changes, we keep a close eye on their work. We’ve made significant progress in eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in SNAP. It is very difficult for recipients to cheat the system.

“But what doesn’t make sense, to me, is that we’ve created a system where states set the rules and we’re left paying the bill. Categorical eligibility has allowed for different states to provide different benefits and the way programs like LIHEAP are connected to SNAP have only expanded these discrepancies. Giving states more power while the federal government is still footing the bill, like block grants for instance, really doesn’t seem like the best way to administer the program.

“With that said I’m looking forward to today’s testimony and learning more about the efforts being undertaken here in Washington to address some of these issues and ensure thorough oversight.

“Thank you Mr. Chairman. I yield back.”