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Press Release | 112th Congress
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Peterson Statement: Republican Budget Creates Uncertainty for Rural America

March 29, 2012

Media Contact: Liz Friedlander

Fails to Balance Budget Until 2040

WASHINGTON – U.S. House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., made the following statement today after the U.S. House of Representatives Passed H.Con.Res. 112, the FY2013 Republican Budget Resolution. The budget cuts $179.4 billion from Agriculture Committee programs over ten years. Additionally, the budget includes reconciliation instructions which require the Committee to provide legislation cutting agriculture spending by $33.2 billion by April 27. Peterson voted against the resolution.

“Passing a farm bill this year was already going to be difficult but the Republican Budget approved by the House today lowers the odds significantly.

“Going through the reconciliation process, before we can actually get to writing a farm bill, will only muddy the waters and is a waste of time. The only reason we’re doing this is so the Republican Majority could pass their budget which we all know is going nowhere in the Senate.

“I have a hard time seeing how the House can pass a farm bill after going through this process. I also don’t see how we could extend the current bill without making some of the cuts called for by the Majority.

“The Agriculture Committee has a strong history of bipartisanship and I am willing to see if that can be continued but today’s vote is not helpful.”


PDF: FY2013 Republican Budget – Implications for Agriculture