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Press Release | 112th Congress
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Peterson Statement: Republican Budget Leaves Farm Bill High and Dry

March 20, 2012

Media Contact: Liz Friedlander
WASHINGTON – U.S. House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., made the following statement regarding the Republican budget proposal for fiscal year 2013.

“The process outlined by the House Republican budget all but guarantees there will be no farm bill this year.

“The Ryan budget proposes significant cuts in the farm safety net and conservation programs, and slashes spending on nutrition programs that provide food for millions of Americans. It is appalling that in an attempt to avoid defense cuts the Republican leadership has elected to leave farmers and hungry families hurting.

“We need to get our spending under control and agriculture has shown that we can do our part but all other sectors of our economy need to do so as well. To do otherwise is irresponsible.”


FY2013 Republican Budget - Implications for Agriculture